An Interview with Kristie Miller

Jan 14, 2011

Sat. 1/15: Kristie Miller is the author of a new book on Woodrow Wilson's wives, entitled "Ellen and Edith, Woodrow Wilson's First Ladies." Tune in for Susan Loubet's interview with Miller in Washington, DC, as well as an interview with Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords at the Women's National Democratic Club in November, 2009. Also featured is Giovanna Rossi on Women's Health.

From the book:
"The Wilson women were strikingly different from each other, yet each played a significant role in the White House. Ellen Axson Wilson, quiet and intellectual, died after just a year and a half in the White House. She is thought to have had little impact on history, but her example influenced Eleanor Roosevelt. Edith Bolling Wilson, who assumed many of the executive functions after her husband suffered a stroke, was flamboyant and confident but left a legacy of controversy."

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