Interviews with Liz Canner, Eve Espey, and more

Apr 9, 2011

Sat. 4/16 at noon: Susan Loubet talks with Liz Canner, director of Orgasm, Inc, a film that runs at the Guild Theater in Albuquerque, April 17-19th. Plus, an interview with Eve Espey, UNM professor of OB/Gyn, commenting on female sexual dysfunction and what they teach the doctors at UNM. Tune in for these, and many more intriguing interviews this Saturday on Women's Focus.

There will also be two interviews from the Advocacy in Action Conference, including Judith Acosta ("Words Are Medicine"), and Janine D'Anniballe on current trend in sexual assault, including high profile cases in our communities.

And, Megan Kamerick interviews Ann Beyke, Chattaqua performer who portrays Rachel Carson in Rachel Carson: The Wonder of Nature on Saturday, April 23rd in Albuquerque. Click here for event info.

Slideshow photo: Liz Canner, Director