KUNM Regular Programming

An Intimate Installation For Albuquerque Open Spaces

Apr 26, 2019

Since 2017, German artist Robert Stokowy has been researching, and reflecting upon, the sonic environments of cities -- among them, Berlin, Miami and Minneapolis.  Stokowy then sets up, in each city, locations where visitors can follow his suggestions to create their own sonic sculpture, an artwork of the mind.  At the invitation of Albuquerque Parks & Recreation, Stokowy has this spring set up similar locations in the City's Open Spaces.  The project, structures [albuquerque], runs through April 2020.

Each of the sites has a sign, and on it "there's a poem, a poetic text -- that's the prompt I've created," explains Stokowy.  "And next to the text is instructions.  You stand there, you read the poem, and then you start listening, trying to pay attention to how the poem relates to all the elements around you.  So you are the performer who creates a piece."  This very intimate project encourages visitors to develop "a sense for how an environment is by listening to it, but it also allows everyone to engage with their own creativity."

Stokowy explains in greater detail the concepts behind structures [albuquerque] in this longer version of the interview.