James Boyd Shooting Footage Missing From IPRA Request

Aug 6, 2014

KUNM has joined up with the online news outlet New Mexico Compass to report on Albuquerque Police officer-involved shootings.

KUNM Morning Edition Host Floyd Vasquez spoke with Compass Editor and KUNM Public Health reporter Marisa Demarco about getting access to Albuquerque Police Department public records - it's not as straightforward as you might expect. And the documents that were handed over may be incomplete. Demarco says the now infamous James Boyd shooting footage is missing from her request, which was for all of the audio and video associated with 24 fatal shootings. Though, she adds, there is footage of the incident from other APD lapel cameras.

The KUNM Call-In Show on Thursday August 7, 2014 will focus on APD and public records. Join us at 8 a.m.

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