"La cultura cura" - Art & Social healing

May 8, 2013

Sat. 11 May, 4 pm: Small and powerful, pequeña y poderosa, Lily Yeh uses colors to light the paths of the darkness that hidden pains, of trauma and lost freedoms. She visited our state as guest of  the New Mexico Community Foundation for the project LA CULTURA CURA/The Culture cures.  And she worked with young people at the La Plazita Institute, in the heart of the South Valley of Albuquerque.  Two days  happily ended in a big cloth with an enormous  flowery tree that grows in the middle of the Rio Grande. The tree of life? The River of life? Better! The "TreeVer" of life!

Listen to this colorful interview with Lily Yeh (Barefoot Artists) and Reneé Villarreal from the New Mexico Community Foundation.

More info: www.barefootartists.org / www.nmcf.org