Latino U: The UNM Experience

Aug 28, 2017

Mon. 8/28, 7p: Espejos de Aztlán show will take you on a historical journey through the experience of Latino students at UNM from the Civil Rights period to the present day! We will be featuring alum who have made historical strides for equality along with current student leaders and staff who fight to make UNM a welcoming space.


Frankie Flores talks about the realities that many students face beyond the classroom and campus:“My first semester was really rough. I was homeless actually. My queerness didn’t really matter, I was just trying to eat and not sleep out in the Duck Pond.”


Alum, Julia Maestas describes how she experienced cultural shock when she first arrived at UNM: “I was like WOW I’m brown! Even though I knew that, it was so different to experience being brown. And for the first time I was amongst many white students and I had not really understood what that meant.”

Suyent Rodriguez focuses on the importance of unity among diverse ethnic and cultural groups: “We need the Ethnic Centers to come together and create a space that is welcoming to people that fit more than one of these categories.”

Full contributors for the show include: staff member of El Centro de la Raza, Alejandro Mendiaz-Rivera, staff members of the LGTBQ Center, Frankie Flores and Janice Devereaux. We include the voices of  alumni students from Julia Maestas, Erica Gallegos, Suyent Rodriguez, and graduate student Elias Lopez. We talk about the state of Latino students through campus leaders, Eric DeLorme, Sean Campos, Mario Esparza, Darlene Castillo and Adriana Molina.