Let’s Talk Youth & COVID: Back To (In-Person) School

Apr 27, 2021

Public schools in New Mexico started fully in-person classes this month for the first time in over a year. Some students chose to stay remote, others returned, and some of those who went back are already remote again due to COVID exposure. On this week’s Let’s Talk New Mexico, we’re hearing from students about how it’s going.

If you’re a student who went back in person, have you felt safe? If you decided to stay online, why? and is it different than before? And parents, what are you hearing from your kids?

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  • Rudy Montgomery, in-person 3rd grader at Monte Vista Elementary School
  • Lee Montgomery and Jessamyn Lovell, Rudy’s parents
  • Aiden Simons, remote 7th grader at Cien Aguas International School
  • Harry Reynolds, in-person 6th grader at Jefferson Middle School
  • Emily Martinez, remote 12th grader at Albuquerque High School
  • Nick Aguirre Zafiro, in-person 12th grader at Amy Biehl Charter School