Let's Talk Clean Water Act In New Mexico

Jul 11, 2019

Let's Talk New Mexico 7/11 8a:  The Trump Administration has proposed a revision to the Clean Water Act that would exclude many of New Mexico’s ephemeral waterways from protection. Environmental advocates say that this would have a harmful impact on the state’s watersheds, but critics say the move would undo government overreach under the Obama Administration.

How would this impact your area of the state? Do you work in mining or agriculture? How your operations be affected? Are you concerned about water pollution? Email LetsTalk@KUNM.org, tweet using the hashtag #LetsTalkNM or call in live.



  • Rebecca Roose, Water Protection Division Director, New Mexico Environment Department
  • John Verheul, Asst. General Counsel, New Mexico Environment Department
  • Zach Ogaz, attorney, Law & Resource Planning Associates
  • Rachel Conn, Amigos Bravos
  • Tom Sidwell, President of the New Mexico Cattle Growers Association