Let's Talk New Mexico Fall Fundraiser Special

Sep 14, 2017

This week on Let's Talk New Mexico we feature highlights from recent shows. It's important programming featuring the voices of people from your community discussing the most pressing issues of the day in New Mexico.

You hear from lawmakers, advocates, activists, and government officials. And we take your calls so that you have the opportunity to engage in these conversations and share your thoughts. 

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Cutting Medicaid To Fix The State Budget

As New Mexico grapples with a budget crisis, the state is considering making changes to Medicaid—things like charging copays for prescriptions and doctor visits and eliminating dental care for Medicaid recipients.

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Who Calls Police?

Not everyone reaches out to law enforcement when they're in danger or when they're victims of a crime. With the federal government trying to crack down on undocumented immigrants in New Mexico, advocates say even more people here are unwilling to call police for help.

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Monuments To Conquistadors

Many people across the country have their eyes on the fate of confederate monuments but what about the fate of our monuments to Spanish conquistadors? Santa Fe's fiestas, the re-enactment of Diego de Vargas' retaking of the city, the University of New Mexico's official seal, or equestrian statues and buildings named after the brutal Juan de Oñate?

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Talking Financing UNM Athletics  

The UNM Athletics Department is under intense scrutiny right now. The state auditor and attorney general are investigating the financial management of the department after news broke that the department covered expenses for some athletics boosters on a golf trip to Scotland.

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Equal Access To Education

Are all New Mexico’s students getting the same quality education? A lawsuit against the state says the answer is no, and that low-income kids, kids who speak languages other than English, and kids with disabilities aren't getting their fair share. Lawyers for Governor Susana Martinez say the state is making progress with vulnerable students. But if the judge disagrees, the case could reshape the way New Mexico funds its public schools.