Let's Talk With Syrians In New Mexico

Apr 18, 2018

Let's Talk New Mexico 4/18 8a: Call 277-5866. We'll speak with Syrians who live in New Mexico to hear their thoughts on the ongoing war and U.S. military action. We'll also talk about their lives in Syria and now, here. We invite your thoughtful questions for our panel. Email letstalk@KUNM.org, tweet #letstalkNM or call in live during the show. 

Hundreds of thousands of Syrians have died over the last seven years during the country's civil war. The number of casualties is uncertain. Millions have fled Syria as refugees, and millions more need humanitarian assistance. The Syrian government has been accused of using chemical weapons against civilians, including an attack earlier this month. On Saturday, the United States, Britain and France launched missiles at a Syrian chemical research center and weapons storage facilities. The U.S. also launched air strikes around this time last year. 


  • Aisha Al Najjar
  • Abdulhamid Adi
  • Sumaya
  • Fatima
  • Translator: Nabil Ibrahim