Let's Talk Urban Forests

Apr 1, 2019

Let’s Talk New Mexico 4/4 8a: Call now 277-5866. There’s nothing better than resting in the shade of a tree filled park, but did you know that the trees in our cities offer other benefits besides giving us a lovely place to relax? From cleaning the air we breathe, to helping reduce the intense heat given off by unshaded pavement, trees are an important part of our human habitat. This week, we’ll be talking about the trees that make up New Mexico’s urban forest, including native species that have adapted to city life, as well as introduced varieties that literally grow like weeds.

And we want to hear from you! Do you have a favorite tree? What have you planted in your front yard? Were you married beneath a beautiful cottonwood, or were your children fond of climbing a particular juniper? Email LetsTalk@KUNM.org or call in live during the show.