LISTEN: Helping A Native Community Go Off The Grid

Jul 20, 2018

Friday 7/20 8a: On University Showcase, the Diné Red Water Pond Road Community on the Navajo Nation has grappled for years with the contamination from tailings left from uranium mines. The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency wants to relocate the community, but members do not want to leave their land and see a solution in moving to the top of a nearby mesa. They're working with the University of New Mexico's School of Engineering and School of Architecture and Planning as well as the Indigenous Design + Planning Institute to create an off-the-grid solution that will get them away from the pollution and keep them close to their ancestral homeland.

On this show we talk to a community member, faculty and students about the project. And Marty Adamsmith speaks with Ph.D candidate Oliver Baker about the long history in the United States of marginalizing people by race.