LISTEN: New Mexico Doesn't Have A "REAL ID"

Nov 3, 2015

KUNM Call In Show Thu. 11/5 8a:


The federal government says New Mexico driver’s licenses don't meet the standards of the REAL ID Act and that we don't get another extension to fix them. 

Are people going to be prevented from using state ID's to get on airplanes? 

Will we be kept out of Kirtland Air Force Base or Los Alamos National Labs if we don't have another form of ID? How will Native American communities be affected?

Our guests include: 

Steven Robert Allen, Directory of Policy, ACLU-NM. His group says this recent move by the federal government is "a bullying tactic meant to force New Mexico into accepting a national ID card that nobody wants or needs.”

Marcella Diaz, executive director of the immigrant-advocacy group Somos un Pueblo Unido. She says Gov. Martinez is at fault because "[Martinez] chose to not support a bill that would have put New Mexico in compliance. Instead she chose to discriminate against immigrants to push an anti-immigrant agenda.” 

New Mexico state Rep. David Gallegos, R-Eunice. Gallegos tells KUNM that he, the governor and House Republicans are open to compromise on a solution to the problem.

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