Local Impact Of Clean Power Plan Not Cut And Dry

Aug 5, 2015

The Obama Administration released details this week on the Clean Power Plan which calls for power plants across the country to reduce carbon dioxide emissions.

New Mexico is set up to comply with the new regulations, state Environment Department Secretary Ryan Flynn told the Associated Press this week, because of an existing plan to shut down two coal-burning units at a power plant in the northwestern corner of the state.

But that Public Service Company of New Mexico plan for the San Juan Generating Station has not been approved by state regulators.

“They’re trying to say that this two-unit closure at the San Juan Generating Station is going to allow them to comply with the Clean Power Plan," Mike Eisenfeld with San Juan Citizen’s Alliance said. "But it’s not a done deal at this point because it hasn’t been finalized.”

The other power plant in the state that could be required to make changes is on the Navajo Nation. The tribe says they are in the process of doing a thorough review of the new rule before taking any action.