More Than Balloons: Let's Talk Festivals in New Mexico

Jun 26, 2018

Let's Talk New Mexico 6/29 8a: When the weekend rolls around, New Mexicans have many options for entertainment and fun. Festivals offer up an opportunity to break out of the weekend monotony of movies and restaurants. Fermented foods, lavender, Greek culture, and of course hot air balloons are just a few items on the New Mexico festival menu. 

What goes into putting on these events? Are they profitable ventures? With festivals for just about any hobby or interest, is there a possibility of festival fatigue?  We’ll explore all of this with organizers, vendors and experts.


  • Dr. Shelle Sanchez, Director of Cultural Services for the City of Albuquerque
  • Nicki Panagopoulos, volunteer for the Albuquerque Grecian Festival
  • David Hudson, chairman of the Lavender in the Village Festival committee
  • Robert Mendez, co-owner of Cornivore Popcorn Company 

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