Music, Art and Belgian Citrus IPA

May 18, 2018

A new concert series taking place at Dialogue Brewing in Albuquerque features contemporary classical music selections that become increasingly dense as the weeks go by.  Likewise, the surrounding artwork escalates week by week in visual complexity.  The Discourse series, which evolves over three consecutive Tuesday nights beginning May 22, is a collaboration between artists from Santa Fe's Meow Wolf and musicians of Albuquerque's Chatter.

An unusual design element at Dialogue Brewing is its amplification system -- eleven "speaker trees" placed throughout the space.  Chatter's Artistic Director, violinist David Felberg, says that music was selected to make use of this amplification.  The series begins with pieces for solo performers accompanied by pre-recorded electronic tracks, moves to music written for string quartet and electronics, and concludes with works for woodwind quintet and electronics. 

In this longer version of the conversation, Felberg talks further about the 20th Century music Chatter has selected for the three concerts in the series.