Musicians Making Films About Musicians

Jul 20, 2018

Dave Grusin has been an award-winning composer, producer, arranger and, of course, jazz pianist and recording artist for over 50 years.  He's the subject of a new feature-length documentary that was produced by two fellow musicians (and fellow Santa Fe residents), vocalist Barbara Bentree and pianist John Rangel.  Dave Grusin: Not Enough Time screens on July 22 at the Lensic Center in Santa Fe, as part of the New Mexico Jazz Festival.

What's the difference when the producers of a film about a musician are musicians themselves?  "We know how to ask questions that make sense to musicians.  We know how to put a sequence of ideas together that make sense because of the musical content.  And making films is very musical -- it's all about rhythm and dynamics."

Barbara and John talk further about the making of Not Enough Time in this longer version of the interview, as well as about audience reactions to a preview of the film earlier this month at the Montreux Jazz Festival in Switzerland.