New Mexico's Sequester, What Does It Look Like So Far?

Mar 1, 2013

The KUNM News team looks at a variety of communities bracing for automatic federal budget cuts, from early childhood education and law enforcement, to healthcare and the military, and including the state's national laboratories. 

Carrie Jung reports in the sequester's impact on the military and the state's national laboratories. 

Rita Daniels spoke with US Representative Steve Pearce (R) about the automatic federal budget cuts and their impact on border security. 

News Intern Christine Trudeau reports on how law enforcement agencies that serve Indian Country will be affected. 

Elaine Baumgartel looked at the sequester's expected effects on early childhood education and vaccinations. 

Sara Montoya explored the budget cuts and their impact on housing in New Mexico. 

Tristan Ahtone reports on the effects the sequester may have on community health centers.