A New Way To See The Night Sky

Jun 2, 2017

With digital projections and multi-channel videos, electronic artist Marcus Zúñiga is offering us a unique look at the cosmos.  His installation Ya Veo (Spanish for "I see") is on view June 10 and 11 at the No Land Art Space on the Santa Fe Plaza, as part of the opening weekend for the 2017 Currents New Media Festival. 

For Marcus, a 2013 UNM graduate, inspiration comes from the imagery, drawings and codices of Aztec astronomy.  He hopes that Ya Veo will help visitors "learn something new about something they're familiar with -- seeing the night sky but seeing it in a different way."

In this longer version of the conversation, Marcus talks about what draws him to video as a form of artistic expression and how his personal response to the night sky changed over the two years he spent working on Ya Veo.