Paper Engineer Matt Shlian

Apr 13, 2018

He doesn't work on paper as most artists do, rather he works with it -- cutting it, folding it and then reassembling these numerous and meticulous geometric forms into dimensional paper sculptures.  Matt Shlian has been artist-in-residence this past year at UNM's Tamarind Institute, and he will figure prominently in Tamarind's weekend-long exploration of the intersection between art and science, Albuquerque Wonder Cabinet, April 20-22.

"I've always had an affinity for geometry, for taking things apart and reassembling them," says Shlian.  "I like a piece that unfolds over time.  It looks like it's moving but it's actually static, and it starts to ask questions of rhythm and repetition."

In this more complete version of the interview, Matt talks in greater detail about the work he has done in the past year with the printmakers at the Tamarind Institute.  That work is on view in Two-fold: A Pairing of Frederick Hammersley + Matthew Shlian, April 20 through July 6, 2018.