Pediatrician Hopes To Expand Child Abuse Response At UNM

Feb 15, 2019

University Showcase: For years New Mexico has languished at or near the bottom nationally for child well-being and one factor behind that ranking is our high rates of child abuse. Many of those cases come through the Child Abuse Response Team -- or CART -- at the University of New Mexico Hospital.

They do exams to diagnose abuse. They also work with social workers and law enforcement and serve as expert witnesses in legal cases  involving child abuse and neglect.

Dr. Leslie Strickler

On this show we talk with Dr. Leslie Strickler, medical director for CART. She’s the only board-certified child abuse pediatrician in the state. She and her colleagues are pushing for the creation of a Child Maltreatment Center at UNM to provide more wraparound services to families, and perhaps prevent child abuse. Aired Friday 2/15 8a.