Photographer Miguel Gandert On Seeing Well

Jun 5, 2015

He has spent his life photographing the people and landmarks of his native Northern New Mexico,  documenting the festivals, rituals and pastimes of the area's Indo-Hispano culture.  Miguel Gandert's photographs and films will be part of the multimedia installation Memory + Emergence, a collaboration with poet Levi Romero and artists Tim B. Castillo and Hue Walker, which will be on view June 12 and 13 in Railyard Plaza, as part of the opening weekend of Currents 2015, Santa Fe's 6th annual new media festival.  In conversation, Miguel describes himself as a "memory grabber."

In this longer version of the interview, Miguel talks in greater detail about the photographs he has chosen to include in this installation and he explains his reason for working primarily in black and white rather than color.