A Poem For Dr. Martin Luther King

Jan 23, 2019

Federico Beckmann has been a teacher at East San José  Elementary in Albuquerque for many years. He says celebrating Dr. Martin Luther King's birthday means a lot for everyone in the school. He wrote this poem in Dr. King's honor :


Where Is My Dream?

By Federico Beckmann

January 16,2017


Hunger, pain, discomfort and exhaustion,

Rejection, isolation, worry, fear and crime.

Anger, frustration, exclusion and rejection.

Abuse and insecurity haunt me all the time.


Illnesses, crowding and family stress

Sleeping on hard floors, unexpected guests.

Arguing, fighting, trembling and fright.

Cold, rats and roaches wait for me at night.


Only an education can give me a real voice

Truth’s always louder than meaningless noise

Denouncing unfairness I need to be bold

Never using violence ‘cause peace is like gold.


Injustices, prejudice, hate, discrimination.

Evils that prowl and injure this great nation

Divisive rhetoric producing alienation

We traded role models, for blatant aberrations.


My teachers will stand up if someone is mistreated

Their hearts with compassion not easily defeated

We are never going back mistakes won’t be repeated

We shall overcome. We will not be maltreated.


The counterfeit values of  “justice” are out

We must pay attention, denounce them and shout

“The blood of our heroes did not run in vain.

The chains of racism we will fight again.”


Feelings of anxiety, with poor self-esteem

Rejected, forbidden, not part of the team

I wish he could hear me. I wish I could scream

Your dream is in danger….. my Dear Dr. KING.