Proposed Trapping Rule Would Require Classes And Limits

Oct 10, 2019

New Mexico Game and Fish is proposing changes to trapping rules of furred animals in the state.

Some of those proposed changes include mandatory education courses, restrictions to where traps can be placed and a limit to how many animals can be caught. 

Jesse Deubel is the Executive Director with the New Mexico Wildlife Federation. He says that the changes could hurt lower-income communities around the state.

"For a lot of people in rural communities in New Mexico, this is not only family tradition, but it's also a source of income," Deubel said. "Again, they are going to have to work harder to create that income and in some cases, may make the decision that it has got to the point where they are going to exit the activity all together."  

Supporters of the new rules say there should be a limit to how many animals can be killed and are concerned with trap use in high traffic recreational areas. 

Comments can be made on the rules at public meetings in Raton, Roswell, Las Cruces and Albuquerque or by mail. Emails can be sent to dgf-furbearer-rules@state.nm.us