Racism Online

Oct 3, 2013

Fri. 10/4 11a: The first woman of East Indian descent was recently crowed “Miss America." One of the biggest news stories after the announcement was the racist backlash online. Another race-related story generated nationwide attention recently when a waitress at Famous Dave’s was fired for an online picture of her with a sign that suggested Native Americans are bad tippers.

Online comments on videos and news articles often generate discussions that can quickly dissolve into a “flame war.” While some sites are heavily moderated, others have an “anything goes” attitude.

Are people more likely to share racist comments online than in person? Is there a connection between online racism and in-person racism?

The site Public Shaming posts the names and offensive comments. Is this a good solution to the issue of online racism? How do you handle racism online?

Guests include: Dr. Jesse Steinfeldt (Oneida), Associate Professor, Counseling and Educational Psychology Indiana University-Bloomington, Adrienne Keene (Cherokee Nation), blogger at Native Appropriations and Gene Demby, lead blogger for NPR's Code Switch.