Raising Kids in a Toxic World

Wed. 6/1 at 8am: From pollution-induced asthma to arsenic embedded in playground equipment, the state of the environment is threatening the health of children. Author Sandra Steingraber talks about the challenges of parenting in a world with a changing climate. This and more environmental news, Wednesday morning at 8.

Also in this week's show:

Black Lung is Back
An investigation into last year's coal mine disaster in West Virginia reveals a tragedy within a tragedy: autopsies show most of the men who died in the explosion also had black lung. Living on Earth's Jeff Young reports on the factors that allowed a disease many thought was history to come roaring back.

Dangerous U.S. Cities for Pedestrians
In the last decade more than 47,000 pedestrians were killed in the U.S. A new report shows that the most unsafe cities were developed in the last half of the 20th century and were planned for cars, not people. James Corless is director of Transportation for America. He tells host Bruce Gellerman that senior citizens are especially vulnerable.

Coal Could Fuel Oil Alternative
With record oil prices, some lawmakers and energy insiders are dusting off an old fuel alternative: liquid coal. Coal is here and it's abundant but environmentalists warn that coal fuel creates twice as many greenhouse gasses as traditional oil. Living on Earth's Washington correspondent Mitra Taj looks at the possibility of widespread use of liquid coal.

Half a century ago a prestigious crew of oil drillers and engineers embarked on an unprecedented scientific adventure. Their mission: to dig deeper into the earth than anyone had ever gone. Host Bruce Gellerman celebrates the anniversary of Project Mohole with Ed Horton, one of the original team members who went on to deeply influence ocean drilling.

Garden Girl in the City
Gardening season is here again but the urban gardener doesn't need to be confined to growing plants in containers. In Boston, Patti Moreno, also known as Garden Girl, grows so much food in her backyard that she opens up a farmstand each summer. Living on Earth's Bobby Bascomb went to check out a garden that is anything but garden variety.

Loon Crosses the Lake
Salt Marsh Diary writer Mark Seth Lender spent more than a week following a pair of common loons in British Columbia. He got up close and personal to the loons and witnessed an intimate event.