Reinhabit, Rehydrate, Regenerate: Permaculture Designs for an Enduring Planet

Wed. 8/25: Improve your soil and water literacy today and the planet tomorrow, with master permaculture designers Darren Doherty and Brock Dolman.

Half of Americans cannot name one component of the water cycle upon which all life depends. Yet water is at the root of every human endeavor - from manufacturing to agriculture, energy production and waste management. No water, no life.

Join master permaculture designers Darren J. Doherty and Brock Dolman for both practical and poetic ways to re-educate earthlings in soil and water literacy.

Their practical vision for regenerating ecological integrity and social resiliency prepares us for the challenges of climate change and environmental stress. But above all, they illuminate inspired pathways for restoring nature and people in the re-enchantment of Earth.