Roosevelt's Involvement In The Portsmouth Peace Treaty

Nov 21, 2014

Credit Nellie B. Van Slingerland

  Fri. 11/28 8a. In the recent Ken Burns documentary about the Roosevelts, there was but one sentence about Teddy Roosevelt winning the Nobel Peace Prize in 1906.  There's much more to the story of course and we'll talk with Charles Doleac who'll tell us about the Portsmouth Peace Treaty, negotiated in New Hampshire to end the Russo-Japanese War of 1904-5.  Doleac says Roosevelt was a pioneer of multi-track negotiation techniques that have been used ever since and that the town folk of

Portsmouth did their part to promote and encourage the visiting negotiators from Russia and Japan.  Although Roosevelt never came to the negotiation site, his diplomatic guidance earned him the sixth ever Nobel Peace Prize, which had only originated in 1901.  Paul Ingles hosts.   All programs in the Peace Talks Radio series, dating back to 2002, can be heard online at www.peacetalksradio.com.