Small Business Owner Goes to D.C. to Advocate for Healthcare Overhaul

Nov 3, 2009

Several small business owners from New Mexico are in Washington D.C. today along with over one hundred more from around the country. They've made the trip to show their support for health care overhaul legislation now under consideration in Congress.

David Edwards started the New Mexico Tea Company and the New Mexico Tea Bar in Albuquerque after realizing he wanted to own his own business.

Edwards says he would prefer a single payer health care system, but that supporting a public insurance option is what is needed now. KUNM's Elaine Baumgartel asked him what health insurance decisions he's had to make as a small business owner.

The trip was organized after a U.S. Public Interest Group survey found that over 75 percent of small business owners feel their voices are not being heard in the health care debate.