Stories Of Humanos De New Mexico: The Advocate Ralph And The Reflective Victoria

Nov 22, 2016

Mon. 11/28, 7p: Oral history through "testimonio" is at the heart of the community collective project, Humans of New Mexico/Humanos de New Mexico. We´ll listen to the life stories of Ralph A. Vigil II and Victoria Maestas, who share their different experiences of living in New Mexico for many generations. Ralph, from the Pecos Valley in northern New Mexico, speaks to growing up and being connected to the land: 

“You can feel the energy here, it's just great to be part of this area, this region, and carry on the traditions. This whole region is just rich in history and cultural traditions.”  

Victoria’s story in contrast elicits nostalgia of growing up in Albuquerque’s urban growth phase. She reflects on going to the oldest school in the city and also of growing up through the turbulent times of the 1970’s:

I also miss the 70’s. A lot was going in the country. There was a lot of protest going on.”

With the goal of gathering the diversity of New Mexican cultural traditions, the project Humans of New Mexico focuses on oral history -recorded and archived for future generations- prioritizing oral and language traditions. This show was co-hosted by Cristina Baccin with Rafael Martínez, Moisés Santos, and Georgia Weiss-Elliott and production help by Froilan Orozco along with recording, edition and transcription of the interviews by Humans of New Mexico.