Trump's Tax Plan In New Mexico

May 2, 2017

KUNM Call In Show 5/4 8a. President Trump has announced the outline of a tax plan that would lower taxes on businesses owners and the wealthy. He says it will help working families too, by giving breaks for things like child care. Critics on the left say the plan mostly helps the rich, while some on the right worry such big cuts would balloon the federal deficit. We'll look at some of the details we know and explore how they might affect New Mexicans. We'd like to hear from you! Would these tax changes help you or your business? Are you worried they might hurt people in the state? 

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  • Kelly O'Donnell is an economics research professor at UNM and a consultant who is a former director of state tax policy and deputy cabinet secretary for economic development.
  • Richard Anklam is the executive director of the New Mexico Tax Research Institute. He has worked in private consulting and served as the assistant secretary and tax policy director at the NM Taxation and Revenue Department.
  • James Jimenez is the executive director of the nonprofit Voices for Children, which advocates for policies that positively impact the lives of kids in New Mexico. He has served as secretary of the Department of Finance and Administration. He is an adjunct professor at UNM's School of Public Administration.