Udall Wins Second Senate Term

Nov 5, 2014

Republican challenger Allan Weh closed the margin in the days leading up to the election but Udall managed to retain his seat.
Credit Rita Daniels

Democrat Tom Udall was re-elected to serve another 6 years as New Mexico’s senior Senator in Washington D.C. Tuesday night.

The crowd cheered emphatically when Udall took the stage as Tom Petty’s Won't Back Down blasted through the sound system.

Pointing to what he considers a recent victory, Udall highlighted expanded health care coverage and the Affordable Care Act, and described how they benefit people here.

“That's 190,000 New Mexicans with health insurance that didn’t have it a year ago," Udall touted. "[They will] no longer [be] one paycheck away from bankruptcy just to see a doctor. That’s pretty doggone important!”

Udall also spoke out in support of women’s equality in the workplace. 

“All woman deserve equal pay for equal work,” the Senator said.


Udall earned nearly 56 percent of votes, beating out Republican challenger Allan Weh with 44 percent, according to unofficial results early this morning.