A Unique Biography Of A Living Mexican Artist

Apr 20, 2018

Photographer Graciela Iturbide has spent her career documenting what she calls the "Mexican Tempo" -- a world that's at once ancient and modern, realistic and otherworldly.  A major collector of Iturbide's work, the Getty Museum in Los Angeles, has just published a biography of the artist.  Photographic: The Life of Graciela Iturbide is a collaboration between writer Isabel Quintero and cartoonist Zeke Peña.

"It is a biography, but it's more of an artistic biography, with young people in mind," says Isabel.  "It looks at Graciela's life through her series of photographs, and examines what she was trying to find through her work."  With his drawings, Zeke attempted "to collaborate with Graciela in a visual way, to hopefully provide a better context for people to understand her photographs."

Isabel and Zeke talk about the contact they had with Graciela Iturbide while they were working on the book, as well as Iturbide's ultimate reaction to Photographic, in this longer version of the interview.