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UNM Opera Looks At A New Mexico Maverick

Oct 31, 2018

UNM Opera Theatre presents a new chamber opera this month inspired by the life of a central figure in New Mexico's cultural history.  Wealthy Mabel Dodge Luhan moved from the bohemian society of Greenwich Village to Taos in 1917 and established the town forevermore as a gathering spot for artists and writers.  Mabel's Call, November 2-4 at UNM's Keller Hall in Albuquerque, is the work of New York City-based composer, Nell Shaw Cohen.

"Mabel's story really connects with a contemporary experience.  She was looking to reinvent herself by coming to Taos, by connecting with the landscape and the indigenous cultures here," says Nell.  "That kind of visionary, maverick quality is something I find very exciting."

Nell talks about the music she composed for Mabel's Call in this longer version of the interview.  She also describes the lengthy and helpful development process behind the UNM Opera Theatre production.