UNM Students Stage A Walkout To Protest Trump

Nov 16, 2016

Protests have been erupting in cities around the United States in the days since Donald Trump was elected president. Hundreds of students at the University of New Mexico staged a walkout Wednesday evening.  

Demonstrators gathered outside the UNM Bookstore and spoke their piece before marching to university President Bob Frank’s office. They were shouting an anti-discrimination message, as helicopters circled Albuquerque’s skies. "No KKK! No racists! USA! No Trump!"

Student Julie Williams said she’s concerned about the election’s impact on her life. "I have MS so I’m worried about my health care," she said. Williams added that anyone who objects to hate crimes and the rise of incidents on campus should protest. "The environment that we live in under this coming presidency has opened up a lot of threats, both to my health, to the health of our democracy, and to marginalized people and minorities."

Students also expressed fear about Trump’s administration and cabinet picks, and said their policies will cause the country to slide backward when it comes to the well-being of its residents.