Using Historical Photos To Explore Albuquerque's Future

Jan 17, 2019

University Showcase 1/18 8a:   On this episode we speak with Anthony Anella and Mark Childs about their book “Imagine a City That Remembers: The Albuquerque Rephotography Project," published by University of New Mexico Press.

Anella is a conservationist and architect who is the founder of the Leopold Writing Program, a New Mexico nonprofit dedicated to promoting environmental ethics through the written word. Childs is the associate dean for research and a professor of architecture at the University of New Mexico.

The book grew out of a series of articles and photographs published in the Albuquerque Tribune in 1998 and 1999, which also became an exhibit at the Albuquerque Museum. This expanded and updated collection revisits the city nearly twenty years after the original articles were written. It juxtaposes historic and contemporary photographs of Albuquerque to show diverse moments in the city’s history and development, and uses those contexts to foster discussions about its future.