Utilities Offering Help For Federal Workers Affected By Shutdown

Jan 11, 2019

Paying bills during the partial government shutdown might be tough for federal workers who’ve been furloughed or who are showing up to work and not getting paid.

Several New Mexico utilities are working to relieve some of those worries.

The New Mexico Gas Company said it won’t cut off services for federal workers affected by the shutdown.

“Most of New Mexico is working families and if you don’t have the paycheck we understand how that can be not only an inconvenience but a real concern,” said Tim Korte, a spokesman with the gas company.

Korte said people need to first call the company, then go to one of their walk-in centers to show proof of how the shutdown has affected their pay. They’re offering six-month payment plans.

Here's a list of some other utilities that aren’t planning to shut off services for lack of payment:



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