Voices Behind The Vote: Educator Questions Her Party Affiliation

Oct 30, 2014


Republican Jo Ann Goodwin is an educator and questions some of the changes she has seen under the the Martinez administration.
Credit Olympia School District, State of Washington / Creative Commons

Jo Ann Goodwin lives in Carrizozo where she says she follows politics year round. Even though she's a registered Republican she has not been pleased with the initiatives of Education Secretary-Designate Hannah Skandera.

Goodwin is a special education teacher and she says the student testing and new teacher evaluation system is ridiculous and has her questioning who to vote for.

"It's not about educating the kids, it's all about testing now. They take tests three or four times a quarter now instead on once a year like it used to be," Goodwin said. "It's being used as a way of checking to see where the teachers are at. If you get a bad evaluation it reflects bad on you, on the school, on the kids, on the community, on everything, and it's putting the kids under stress."