Voices Behind The Vote: Energy Worker Watches Minimum Wage Issue

Oct 31, 2014


Rodrigo Aguilera opposed Susana Martinez in 2010, but he thinks she'll be re-elected this year because of her support from the oil and gas industry.
Credit Rita Daniels

Rodrigo Aguilera of Carlsbad spent decades working as a lab technician, first in the potash mines and then at a natural gas plant. A registered Democrat, he prides himself on not voting the party line.

One of the issues in this year's gubernatorial campaign is how much to raise the state minimum wage. Republican Governor Susana Martinez doesn’t want as big of an increase as her democratic challenger Gary King.

"That's one of the things that I've got against her," Aguilera said. "In her heart she knows it's right to give other people more money. You know you should give these people a dollar or a dollar fifty more. Other than that, I think she would be better than Gary King."