Voices Behind The Vote: Mental Health Brings Single Mom To The Polls

Oct 30, 2014

Christina Dominguez is a single mother of three kids in Albuquerque. Her primary interest in the election is the mental health poll question on the ballot in Bernalillo County. The question is only advisory, which means it wouldn’t become a law if passed, but it’s intended to allow the public to weigh in on mental health funding.

Christina Dominguez
Credit Denicia Cadena

She said she’d like to see a possible one-eighth percent tax go to creating a crisis center to help families who need additional care, as well as a team that could address behavioral health situations within the community. “That’s what we’re really trying to look for, more of a response team for people with mental health issues,” she said. “Most of the time it ain’t really an APD issue, it’s just really a family issue, and we need someone trained in that to help us out.”

The mental health issue is pulling her to the polls this year because she has suffered from mental health problems, and also spent some time in homeless shelters. Though she’s a registered Democrat, she said she’s not really thinking about candidates or their campaigns in 2014, but primarily this ballot question.