Voices Behind The Vote: Who's Talking About Immigrants Held In Artesia?

Oct 27, 2014

Credit Ed Williams-KUNM

KUNM public health reporter Ed Williams spoke with Santa Fe resident Allegra Love, a former public school teacher who now works as a lawyer for ADELANTE, a Santa Fe Public Schools program that provides help for families experiencing homelessness.

Love is also an immigration attorney. Since this summer she’s been working on asylum cases for refugees held in the federal immigrant detention center in Artesia. 

“I haven’t heard any politicians in our state talking about what’s going on in that facility, and all the women and children we have detained,” Love said. “Granted it’s a federal decision, but I think it’s the duty of our state politicians and our local politicians to make us aware of it and help guide us on how to feel about it. I haven’t heard anything, anything at all.”