Watch On The Rhine (Hour One)

Oct 5, 2020

Watch On The Rhine
Credit LATW

Sunday, October 11   6 pm

What should America do with political refugees? Are immigrants welcome here?  These hot-button issues are nothing new. In 1941, the socially-conscious Lillian Hellman intended her play Watch on the Rhine to be a wake-up call to an America remaining on the sidelines as the Nazis devastated Europe, while a wave of refugees sought asylum in “the land of the free.” Today, in a highly-charged political climate, her play remains chillingly relevant. Starring Edita Brychta, Jonathan Cake, Heidi Dippold, Anna Lyse Erikson, Susannah Fielding, Lovensky Jean-Baptiste, Taj Jegaraj, Susan Sullivan, Patrick Wenk-Wolff, Matthew Wolf, and Adam Wylie. Directed by Rosalind Ayres.