Woman Who Leads Overhaul of New Mexico Medicaid Ready to Tackle Tough Requirements

Oct 28, 2011

Sat. 9/24 12p: Alicia Smith planned to retire here but instead she is leading New Mexico's Medicaid modernization effort- armed with her experience from other states. She says that changes are necessary.

Smith was drawn to New Mexico because of its beauty and fly fishing opportunities, but instead of fishing, she is spending sleepless nights designing a comprehensive Medicaid waiver request to submit to the federal government.  Advocates and Medicaid recipients fear that changes will mean cuts in services and lack of access to health care providers.  Smith whose proposal to revamp Medicaid was selected by the Human Services Department in a RFP (Request for Proposals) process,  spoke with Susan Loubet about why changes need to be made and how she is working to involve citizens in the process.  She is founder and managing partner of Alicia Smith & Associates, a Washington, DC-based consulting firm.