Wonder Widows Share Survival Tips On Working Through Grief

Nov 23, 2019

Women's Focus Sat. 11/23 Noon:  When Peggy Langenwalter, Trish Comer and Jennifer Cox-Horak joined the ranks of 11 million widows in the U.S., they realized the lessons they learned from supporting one another and sharing their stories could help other women, and those who want to support people who have lost partners. So together they wrote “Wonder Widows: Three Grieving Widows Coming Together To Empower Women To Break The Silence of Widowhood.”

  On this episode of Women's Focus, Peggy Langenwalter and Trish Comer talk with Megan Kamerick about the book and offer insights for those who have lost their partners. They also provide guidance for families and friends about how they can help widows work through the grieving process.

The Wonder Widows holds monthly gatherings, including an upcoming book signing at Coldwater Creek in Albuquerque Uptown on December 3, and a lunch at Hotel Chaco on December 13. Find out more at their website and Facebook page.