YNMG: Closed For COVID

Mar 24, 2020

In episode 27, we hear from tipped service-industry workers about what they're facing as restaurants and bars around the state close their doors—unless you're ordering to-go. And host Khalil Ekulona calls his old boss, Ken Carson, who owns Nexus Brewery & Restaurant to talk about shuttering one location because of the impact of the COVID health measures. 

We also got to hear from Department of Workforce Solutions Secretary Bill McCamley about efforts to shore up those temporarily out-of-work employees, and how small business owners and contractors could access unemployment funds if Congress and President Trump make it happen. 

And a news update: The state’s Supreme Court on Tuesday, March 24, issued a temporary moratorium on evictions when people can’t pay their rent, though people will have to show in court that they can’t afford to pay. Plus, the ART buses won't be making the rounds for a while starting Saturday.

We're keeping a complete list of the resources and volunteer opportunities that we find in each episode at bit.ly/YNMGhub. And here's what we got from today.


And if you're healthy and you want to help, your local food bank is looking for volunteers, says Secretary McCamley. 

How are things going for you? We want to know. Share your quarantine stories by calling: (505) 218-7084 and leaving us a message. We could roll them into a future episode.


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