Espejos de Aztlan

Latino bilingual arts and public affairs program with interviews. Coordinator: Cristina Baccin.  Click here to email questions and comments.

Properties of Violence (Cover, University of Georgia Press

Mon. 5/27 7p: Scholar David Correa joins us live in-studio to discuss his recently published book entitled Properties of Violence: Law and Land Grant Struggle in Northern New Mexico. Through a compelling story about the conflict over the Tierra Amarilla land grant in northern New Mexico, Correia examines how law and property are constituted through violence and social struggle.


Mon. 6 May 7p: A Salvadorian association for the promotion of children´s human rights (APRODEHNI) visited Albuquerque to meet their New Mexico friends and donors (Aquinas Newman Center, UNM, and Friends of the Children of El Salvador-FOCES). We interviewed Gil G. Pintín (APRODEHNI Director) and two Salvadorian students, Claudia L. Mendoza Morales, and Yanina G. Coto Cruz about the situation of impoverished children in the aftermath of the civil war in their country, and how are they working through education.

El Centro de Igualdad y Derechos

Mon. 29 April 7p: El Centro de Igualdad y Derechos, El Centro de La Raza/UNM, New Mexico Dreamers In Action, UNM Dream Team, and Casa de Salud will talk about Immigration Reform, and next step for action: Peaceful March & Rally on May 1st/International Workers´ Day in Albuquerque.

Theater Production: The Motherf**ker with the Hat

Apr 6, 2013
The Vortex Theatre

Mon. 4/8  7p:  Alicia Lueras Maldonado and Ed Chavez, cast members of  the Vortex Theater Production of The Motherfu**ker with the Hat will be interviewed about this new work.  It is a 2011 Tony-nominated play, written by Stephen Adly Guirigs, directed by Leslee Richards, set in a blue-collar Puerto Rican community in New York City.  March 22-April 14 at the Vortex Theatre.


Mon. 1 April 7 p: DOLORES HUERTA speaks with host Cristina Baccin about the importance of "standing up" for Latino people, and women.  Danny Solis (Coordinator) and Chuy Martinez of the "Recuerda A Cesar Chavez Committee" will join us to begin to celebrate the 2oth Annual César Chavez Day.


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Just Write

Mar 23, 2013
Diahndra Grill

Mon. 3/25 7p: Through journaling, poetry, and performance, JustWrite empowers, heals, informs, enlightens, and engages the minds and hearts of multiple populations simultaneously. JustWrite is an attempt to encourage folks from all walks of life, socioeconomic situations, ethnicities and backgrounds to do simply that: “just write”. Lead facilitators and co-founders of JustWrite, Diahndra Grill and Carlos Contreras, join us live to talk about the program and share some pieces from past and current JustWrite participants.

Recuerda a César Chávez Committee

Mon. 3/11 7p: The organizers of the 20th Annual CESAR CHAVEZ DAY will join us to talk about the legacy, life and work of the great American civil rights leader, César Chávez. The RECUERDA A CÉSAR CHÁVEZ Committee is organizing a march and a festival to celebrate his legacy on Saturday April 6th in Albuquerque.

International Women’s Day

Mar 3, 2013
International Women’s Day - Cuban Poster 1975

Mon. 3/4 7.00 p: Eleanor Chavez and Maria Gallegos, members of the organizing committee for International Women's Day, will discuss how they have been coming together for a few months every year since 1987 to put on the International Women's Day Celebration. The primary focus of the International Women's day event is to educate about union women and their contributions to history.  This year they will be honoring Emma Teneyuca, Fannie Sellins, and the washerwomen of Atlanta.

Mundos de mestizaje. A Vision of History through Fresco by Frederico Vigil / Torreon Fresco - National Hispanic Cultural Center (detail)

Mon. 2/4 7p: New Executive Director of the National Hispanic Cultural Center Foundation, Julie Morgas Baca will share with us her projects  for the future  of the most beloved Latin Center of New Mexico.

The Writings of Eusebio Chacón

Jan 27, 2013
The Pasó por Aquí Series

Mon. 1/28 7p: Eusebio Chacón, born in Peñasco, New Mexico, is arguably one of the most significant and most overlooked figures in New Mexico's cultural heritage. Dr. A. Gabriel Meléndez joins us in-studio to discuss a new collection of Chacón's writings. This collection, re-introduced, translated, and edited by Dr. Meléndez (UNM) and Dr. Francisco Lomelí (UCSB), brings together all published and written materials found and displays Chacón's versatility as an orator, translator, essayist, historian, novelist, and poet.

Demetria Martinez, Cover of the book / ww.demetriamartinez.com

Mon. 1/21, 7p: Listen two great interviews! Mexican American author and activist, Demetria Martinez  will share with us her new novella: "The Block Captain´s Daughter" and the Book Reading Benefit she will host for the Peace of Justice Center  on January 26 @ 2 pm.

Journalist independent radio Producer Kent Paterson, will join us to talk about "Frontera Norte Sur", an electronic news agency that covers Border Journalism.

Instituto Cervantes de Albuquerque

Jan 11, 2013
Instituto Cervantes - Albuquerque (NM)

Mon. 1/14 7.00 p: Academic Director, Carlos Soler Montes, will discuss the Instituto Cervantes of Albuquerque which offers a variety of Spanish courses for individuals and groups, and organizes many exciting cultural events throughout the year.

UniRadio Noticias

Mon. Jan.7th 7p:  The Department of Homeland Security announced a rule to support family unity during waiver process. We´ll discuss it with Olsi Vrapi (Adjunct Professor of Law at the UNM, and member of American Immigration Lawyers Association);  Marcela Diaz (Executive Director, Somos un Pueblo Unido), and Javier Martinez (Associate Director, Partnership Community Action).

The Twelve Days of Christmas in Barelas

Dec 23, 2012
Rocco Ceselin Photography / http://www.roccostudio.net

Mon. 12/24 7p: Gabrielle Marie Uballez, Michael Lopez, Hakim Bellamy and Candelario Vazquez discuss The Cuento Project, a collaboration between Dolores Gonzales 5th grade students, Vecinos Artist Collective, and the Barelas Community Coalition, where students created a cuento around the theme of “The Twelve Days of Christmas” in Barelas, and short dedications/stories about people who are important to them.

"Bearing it"

Dec 10, 2012
"Bearing it", Cover of the book by Carmela Chavez

Mon. Dec 10th, 7pm:  Carmela Chavez, writer of "Bearing it. The life of a New Mexico Woman" will talk with us about her courage for life as a descendant of Native Americans and a Spanish conquistador. Join us in this life-journey!

Mon. 12/3 7p: The small New Mexico border town of Sunland Park was in the spotlight this year. But what did the media leave out about this struggling community? Find out on the HIDDEN HISTORIES OF SUNLAND PARK, a documentary by Kent Patterson.

Credit AP Photo/Ross D. Franklin

Frank Leto & Pandemonium

Mon. Nov. 26, 7p: Frank Leto will join us to talk about  Pandemonium and their celebration of "CARNAVAL" through musical styles of Cuba, Trinidad, Brazil and New Orleans. This Thursday, November 29th, the band will present  an evening of original music at the Outpost Performance Space with rhythms, such as the samba, frevo, batucada, calypso, comparsa and more of this pan-Caribbean all-star ensemble.

Mon. 11/5 7p: In recent years, a new generation of immigrant artists and, in particular, youth activists have used a variety of art and media forms to organize and inspire young people most affected by harsh immigration legislation.  They create collective spaces for youth empowerment thereby strengthening local and national networks. We will be joined by two organizers of an upcoming symposium on art, media, and immigration: Irene Vasquez and Rafael Martinez. 

RJ Mirabal, The Tower of Il Serrohe

Mon. 10/15 7p:  RJ Mirabal will be interviewed  by host Henry Gonzales about his newly published book: "The Tower of Il Serrohe" pulls the reader into the deteriorating life of Don Vargas, thrown out of the house by his promiscuous wife. He lands in a dilapidated adobe casita in the Valle Abajo, a valley strangely like and unlike his own Rio Grande Valley, Albuquerque. The casita serves as a portal into an unknown world, a parallel to the present existence.

Marcos Zaragoza

Mon. Oct 8, 7p:  Property rights regarding land and water were not fully respected in the years after 1848. We´ll talk about the struggle of nuevomexicanos to recover land and water rights, especially among who are heirs of community land grants.

This is an active movement regarging LAND GRANT-mercedes, an on-going burning issue with approximately thirty community land grants actively engaged with each other, U.S. and New Mexico state agencies, and the public.

Upcoming Theatre Events at the NHCC

Sep 27, 2012

Mon. 10/1, 7p: Crawford MacCallum (Teatro Paraguas) will present Poesía de México, a trilingual production (Náhuatl, Spanish, and English). Alicia Lueras Maldonado and Sandra Marroquin-Evans will comment on La Casa de Bernarda Alba (by Federico García Lorca). Both plays will be performed at the National Hispanic Cultural Center.

Dream Activist

Mon. 2/6 7pm: How deportation and its aftermath destroys Latino families in our community.

Nationally, Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) processed 400,000 deportations last year, a historic record number. Among them, Ramón Eduardo Dorado Mendoza, a 19-year-old CNM student, raised in Albuquerque since he was a small child, was deported after being issued a traffic ticket on I-25 on his way to morning classes.  Ramón´s parents relate the events leading to his deportation and the consequences of deportation on Latino families in our community.

Las Historias Escondidas de Sunland Park

Sep 13, 2012
AP Photo/Ross D. Franklin

Mon. 9/17 7p: "The Hidden Histories of Sunland Park"

In 2011 and 2012, the small New Mexico border community of Sunland Park made regional headlines and national news for its political scandals. Delving into the sensational, the media coverage largely glossed over long-running environmental troubles affecting the lives of the town’s residents on a daily basis.  

This Spanish-language radio documentary  helps fill the gap by exploring crucial environmental issues that impact the nearly 15,000 residents of a mainly Spanish-speaking, low-income community bordering Texas and Mexico.


Mon. 9/10, 7p: Poet and community organizer, publisher of MÁS TEQUILA Review, Richard Vargas will talk with us about the panel "CAN TUCSON HAPPEN HERE?" that will take place at this year´s ALBUQUERQUE CULTURAL CONFERENCE (Sept. 28-30). Host: Cristina Baccin

Deferred Action Policy

Aug 26, 2012
Fibonacci Blue

Mon. 8/27 7p: Now that the Deferred Action Policy has gone into effect, what's next? Christopher Ramirez, local activist and community organizer, as well as Jaen Ugalde and Italia Aranda, students with the New Mexico Dreamers in Action (NM DIA), join us to discuss a variety of aspects surrounding the Deferred Action Policy. 


Mon. 8/13 7pm:  Marcela Diaz, from Somos Un Pueblo Unido, will discuss the release of a new report detailing local law enforcement compliance with a 2009 law that bans racial profiling and other forms of bias-based policing.  Three years after the 2009 ban went into effect, the study finds that the large majority of local law enforcement agencies in New Mexico are not in basic compliance.

Glenn D. Kaufmann

Mon Aug 6, 7p: Las Vegas Mayor, Alfonso E. Ortiz, will talk with us about his memories of his city, and the future his administration is creating. Host: Cristina Baccin

Chicano Secret Service: Art & Activism

Jul 27, 2012
Chicano Secret Service Chicano Secret Service - Comedy performance group

Mon. 7/30 7p: Artist, academic, and activist Elias Serna joins us for a conversation on the teatro sketch comedy group Chicano Secret Service as well as on the ongoing battle over Raza Studies in Tucson. Serna also treats us to a performance/interview with the most radical Chicano in all of Aztlan: Che Castro. You don't want to miss it!


Mon. 7/23 7p: Jeanine Kitchel talks to us about her book "Maya 2012 Revealed" and the so called, "end of the world" on December 21, 2012.

Kitchel studied the world of the Maya for decades provides an enjoyable adventure deep into the heart of Mexico, into the mystery of the Maya.


Jul 16, 2012

Mon. 7/16 7pm: How did Muslims, Christians and Jews co-exist peacefully in eleventh century Spain when religious intolerance persists in present day U.S. society? Interview with the producer and the lead actress of the world premier performance of "Paloma," by Anne Garcia-Romero.  The play follows three young students in New York City -shaken by the 9-11 terrorist attacks- while they study ancient Muslim Spain. The producer, Linda Lopez-McCallister and the lead actress, Lena  Armstrong provide insight into the play.