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Generation Justice inspires youth to become media makers committed to social transformation.

Generation Justice Music Show!

Mar 31, 2017
Generation Justice / www.generationjustice.org

Sun 03/26 7p: Generation Justice’s show this week is all about music! Tune in as we’re dedicating the hour to our GJ DJs top song picks and continue with our Resistance Headlines. Don’t forget this Sunday is KUNM’s Pledge Drive! Tune in on Sunday at 7:00 pm on KUNM 89.9 FM, or online at KUNM.org. If you are unable to join us on Sunday, we do make our podcasts available Mondays on iTunes and Soundcloud. Don’t forget to rate us on iTunes!

Standing Rock And Our Rights

Feb 24, 2017
Pauly Denetclaw / www.generationjustice.org

Sun. 02/26 7p: Generation Justice speaks with Liz Carrasco, a Representative with NM Immigrant Law Center, about being an immigrant and what she would like to tell officials about deportations. We talk with Fabiola Bawden and Marian Mendez, community organizers from El Centro De Igualdad y Derechos, about immigrant rights in New Mexico. We are then joined by Mayahuel Garza, a water protector, who will discuss her experience and the current issues on the #NoDAPL movement. Next, we share some positive events that are happening in our community.

Strong Families Legislative Day

Feb 17, 2017
Generation Justice

     This Sunday, join Generation Justice as we go into depth about the Strong Families New Mexico day at the Legislature. We bring in Jessica Collins, Program Director for Strong Families NM, participants and organizers who will share why they are passionate about this legislation. The bills and issues that were brought up were, Civil Rights and Criminal Justice, Education Equity, Economic Justice, Health Equity, and Anti-Family.

Voices of ProgressNow NM and #NoDAPL: The Resistance

Feb 10, 2017
Pauly Denetclaw


Sun 2/12 7p: Generation Justice brings you the voice of ABQ City Councilor and director of ProgressNowNM, Patrick Davis, to discuss our current political climate, and how President Trump's legislation might impact the state of New Mexico. We'll also talk with two #NoDAPL supporters, Davin "Legun" Coriz and Christopher Lujan, about the most recent developments on the movement.


GJ with FreePress and ACLU-NM: The Resistance

Feb 8, 2017

If you missed Sunday's show, it's not too late! Check out our podcast as we sit down with to Peter Simonson, the Executive Director for the ACLU of New Mexico to discuss what they're organizing and preparing for.

Empowerment Through Music

Jan 20, 2017
Generation Justice / Facebook

Sun. 1/22 7p: We welcome you to join us Sunday 1.22.17 as we dedicate the hour to music that moves us and women who inspire us. For this week’s production we highlight songs that reflect some of our core values; love, empowerment and action. Tune in at 7:00 pm on KUNM 89.9 FM or online at KUNM.org

Remembering Dr. King

Jan 10, 2017
Christina Rodriguez

Sun. 1/08 7p: We honor Martin Luther King Jr., and take a listen to some of his most prolific speeches, that hold fast today. Join us in hope and resiliency for this new year.

Panquetzaliztli: An Aztec Celebration Of The Season

Dec 8, 2016
Generation Justice

Sun. 12/11 7p: Kalpullli Ehecatl and Ehecatl Aztec Dancers have been educating and entertaining in New Mexico for over 40 years. This Sunday, join us to hear their rhythm and narration from the Aztec Celebration of the Season: Panquetzaliztli. This three part performance refers to the Mesoamerican creation myths and the history behind these traditional Indigenous holiday customs. The play consists of three acts: the retelling of the legend of Huitzilopochitli and Coyolxauhqui, the lyrical version of Panquetzaliztli and the reenactment of Yankwik Tletl.

New Mexico Immigrant Law Center / Facebook

This Sunday, we highlight the work of individuals and organizations committed to the critical issues of immigration and education. We speak with Barni Qaasim, a California based activist, storyteller and documentarian, Alejandro Macias of the New Mexico Immigrant Law Center, and Ian Esquibel, the Executive Director of The Learning Alliance.

New Mexicans Share Post-Election Thoughts

Nov 18, 2016
Generation Justice

In the wake of the United States’s most expensive and controversial presidential elections, many are in celebration, mourning, or just plain confused. Here at Generation Justice, we will explore the impact of the election together, including all of the pride, fear, and frustration that lingers, even after the polls have closed.

Resiliency Through Action And Music

Nov 11, 2016

We are in a critical time. More than ever, need to come together to cope and heal. This can only happen by opening our hearts with recognition, respect, and honor. Our shared survival is interwoven. This week, Generation Justice will focus on healing. First, we’ll chat with author and advocate Desiree Woodland about International Survivors of Suicide Loss Day coming up November 19th. Then, we’ll share some our favorite good music that heals our hearts.

Engaging In Democracy!

Nov 4, 2016
Generation Justice

This Sunday, join us as we continue our discussion on democracy and youth voter advocacy. We bring in two community leaders from Young Women United; Nicole Messina and Angie Nareja, who discuss the importance of young voters and the Gen Z Vote Project. We speak with a variety of students, faculty and protesters who attended the Bernie Sanders Rally at the University of New Mexico. They share their thoughts on democracy, presidential candidates and why it’s important to vote.


Oct 28, 2016
Vote16USA / Facebook

This week, we sit down with Brandon Klugman from Generation Citizen, who will speak about the Vote16USA campaign, a nationwide effort to lower the voting age in local elections. Then, we chat with Antonio Granillo and Karen Campa from the Partnership for Community Action, about the local #Vote16ABQ campaign.


Tacos Y Democracia

Oct 21, 2016
Organizers in the Land of Enchantment (OLÉ)

Sun. 10/23 7p: Join us as we continue the important discussion on upcoming elections and voting. first, we sit with activist and community organizer at OLÉ Andrea Serrano. Then, we bring you community voices from the recent Tacos, Cumbia y Democracia event. All share their thoughts on the importance of voting, and what impacts this election will have on New Mexico.

Your Vote Is Your Voice

Oct 14, 2016
Kodak Views / Flickr

  Sun. 10/16 7p: Join Generation Justice as we continue the conversation on voting and the upcoming 2016 elections. We bring the voices of youth leaders Jakia Fuller and Marian Mendez to discuss their experience at the Millennial Votes Matter Convening 2016. And we also chat with Krista Kelley and Fred Sandoval about the Santa Fe County GO Bond, which has major implications for behavioral health in our state.


Sep 22, 2016
Hope A. Alvarado / The Red Nation

Sun. 9/25 7p: Generation Justices dedicates the hour to #NoDAPL. We will be joined by Nick Estes, co-founder of The Red Nation, to give us the historical context of the Dakota Access Pipeline and Standing Rock. We will also have a community roundtable featuring New Mexicans who traveled to North Dakota to stand in solidarity with water protectors: Jessie Weahkee, Cheyenne Antonio, Jorge Garcia, Virginia Necochea.

Community Events Round-Up

Sep 16, 2016

Sun. 9/18 7p: This week,  join Generation Justice as we catch up on all the community events going on around town. We’re talking yoga, slam poetry, art exhibitions, and chile fiestas. Not to mention the one-of-a-kind playlist curated by our own GJ crew!

Transforming The School To Prison Pipeline

Sep 12, 2016
Flickr / BBC World News

 Sun 9/11 7p: Join Sidni Lamb, founder of Mindful New Mexico and special guests Fleet Maul and Jimmy Santiago Baca as they discuss the school to prison pipeline and the prison industrial complex.   

An Artistic Journey Through Wake Self's Newest Album: Malala

Aug 25, 2016

This week, GJ will be introducing you to Wake Self, an MC, performer, and hip hop artist born and raised here in New Mexico. Wake’s newest album “Malala” just released yesterday and is available on his website  for FREE. For more jams, and an in-depth interview with the man behind the music, tune in this Sunday.


Future Entrepreneurs and Media Makers

Aug 18, 2016


Sun. 8/21 7p: We have the great honor of introducing our newest youth members to Generation Justice. Hear how these young multimedia makers are bettering communities in New Mexico using the power of their voices. We’ll also be interviewing Jessica Aranda, the Community Engagement Director for the Siembra Leadership High School, a new charter school in Albuquerque specializing in entrepreneurship, innovation, and hands-on learning.

GJ Welcomes 2016-2017 Fellows

Aug 10, 2016
Generation Justice

Sun. 7/16 7p: This week, get to know the new voices here at Generation Justice. We have found our 4th Cohort of Generation Justice Fellows: Matthew Brown and Alissiea Hernandez. Tune in to hear their in-depth interviews.

Theatre and Empowerment

Jul 25, 2016

Sun. 7/24 7p: In this show, we discuss Theatre and Empowerment with Michelle Perez and Antonio Granillo of the Working Classroom, an award-winning arts and education program promoting the creative, academic, and leadership potential of talented young artists from historically ignored communities. We then continue the conversation with Ryan Pennington of the Cardboard Playhouse Theatre Company. We will also feature the upcoming, Healthy Workforce ABQ, a ballot initiative that would provide paid sick days to all workers in Albuquerque.

#BlackLivesMatter & Police Brutality

Jul 18, 2016

Sun. 7/17 7p: Our country is scarred by the systematic murders of black women and men at the hands of law enforcement. Our community is in pain.

Updates on Immigrant Rights and Behavioral Health

Jul 12, 2016

Sun 7/10 7p: We interview Adriel Orozco of New Mexico Immigrant Law Center and Italia Aranda of New Mexico Dream Team for an update on the recent Supreme Court decision over DAPA/DACA+. We also speak with Wendy Linebrink-Allison from New Mexico Crisis and Access Line to discuss Mental Health First Aid. Enjoy our program along with a calendar of events and some cool tunes!

Community Events and Music

Jul 6, 2016

Sun 7/03 7p: Join Generation Justice as we catch up on all the community engagement opportunities going on around town. We’re talking book signings, gardening, theater and more. Not to mention the awesome music we’ve curated just for you!

Youth Action: Girl Scouts & AMC

Jun 27, 2016

Sun. 6/26 7p:  In this show, we look at the different ways youth in our community take action for social change. Many people are unfamiliar with the social justice work of Girl Scouts, but for more than a century, girls and young women have tackled social and environmental issues through their programming. We talk with Girl Scouts of New Mexico Trails to learn more.

Celebrating Our Fathers

Jun 20, 2016

Sun. 6/19 7p: GJ shares the love for our Papas and Community! Our papas share their love day to day, which guides us in critical moments. Listen in to hear GJ youth producers reflect on their dads, grandfathers, chosen fathers and more.   

Defending Our Rights

Jun 13, 2016

Sun 6/12 7p: In this week's show, we talk about defending the rights to protect our health and achieve our dreams. We will be featuring Nancy Koenigsberg of Disability Rights New Mexico to hear about how people with disabilities can find the behavioral health resources they deserve. Then, we talk with Adirel Orozco of the New Mexico Immigrant Law Center and Carla Molina, DREAMER and member of the NM Dream Team. 

Refugee Settlement & Support

Jun 6, 2016

Sun 6/5 7p: In this show we speak with Jim Gannon & Diane Leal from Catholic Charities New Mexico (CCASFNM) about the resettlement center and we hear from Haneen Amer, a youth poet whose family recently settled in Albuquerque from Iraq.

Protecting Land And Water

May 26, 2016
Christina Rodriguez / Generation Justice

Sun. 5/29 7p: Two interstate exchanges at $30 million each, an increased tax burden of over $1 billion for schools, roads, and other infrastructure and health impacts related to the increased exposure to blowing sand are just some of the concerns the community has raised about the Santolina Master Plan.


On Sunday, tune in to hear an update from Lorraine Archibald of the Center for Social Sustainable Systems and Juan Reynosa of the Southwest Organizing Project about the Santolina Master Plan.