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Generation Justice inspires youth to become media makers committed to social transformation.

3.14.21- Self Care Youth Roundtable And Commentary

Mar 17, 2021

Sun.03/14 7p: Is the concept of self care a privilege? This week on Generation Justice, we aired a youth roundtable on self care, discussed from a race equity lens. Youth explored the access issues that exist within self care and shared how they have grown during this pandemic.

We also shared a commentary about the inequities of self care, presented and written by GJ member Lily Luchau; PLUS- powerful youth-selected music ALL about self care! We hope that this show inspired you to reflect on your own understanding of self care and it’s accessibility!

2.28.21- Raashan Ahmad & Black Story/ Black Song

Mar 2, 2021

Sun. 2/28 7p: This week on Generation Justice, we proudly feature Raashan Ahmad, a label owner, producer, emcee, DJ, promoter and an evolving vocalist. Let’s celebrate Black history as GJ member Elijah Cage sits down with Raashan for a discussion about his special project, “Black Story / Black Song.” 

This project is an incredible program made to evolve our understanding of the Black Experience and the contributions of African Americans.






Sun. 7/14 7pm: Generation Justice speaks with Jonquilyn Hill, broadcast journalist and longtime GJ member. We’ll hear segments of Jonquilyn’s work - from her early days at Generation Justice up to her new podcast, “Through the Cracks.” Her current project looks at gaps in our society and how they factored into the 2014 disappearance of Relisha Rudd. 

Sun. 2/7 7p:  How are Indigenous peoples’ mental and behavioral wellness supported in NM? Generation Justice discusses Indigenous mental health with professionals in the field. 

The clinical social worker, Connie O’Marra, is an enrolled member of the Citizen Potawatomi Nation and works to encourage trauma mastery, self-care and community healing through individual and community resilience. 

1.24.21- 2021 Inauguration Highlights

Mar 2, 2021

Sun.1/24 7p: Generation Justice recaps Inauguration Day with President Biden's acceptance speech and the swearing in of our first black Asian and female Vice President, Kamala Harris. We also featured other historic moments: a piece from the first National Youth Poet Laureate, along with J Lo’s inaugural performance of “This Land is Your Land” and Reverend. Dr Silvester Beaman’s inauguration benediction.


1.17.21- Voices And Perspectives On Democracy

Mar 2, 2021

 Sun.1/17 7p: What is your perspective about democracy? In this special edition we explored democracy and how it is expressed through music, poetry, speeches, and interviews. We featured the voices of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr, Grace Lee Boggs, John Trudell, Kamala Harris, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Leonard Cohen, and of course, our youth!

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SUN 11/01 7p:  This week Generation Justice held a youth-led roundtable discussion with US Senator Martin Heinrich! GJ youth producers, interns, and community organizers shared their questions with the Senator in this discussion. Youth speakers included Gianna Ramirez, Kyle Gonzales, Antonio Garcia, & Janelle Astorga-Ramos, our guest from Learning Alliance NM and Common Cause NM. The discussion was moderated by long-time GJ member, Nicole Baty.

10.25.20- Dr. Joan Donovan & Mary Oishi

Oct 26, 2020

SUN 10/25 7p: This week on Generation Justice, we talk to  Dr. Joan Donovan, the Research Director of the Shorenstein Center on Media, Politics and Public Policy. Dr. Donovan shares her expertise with us on disinformation and its effects on our lives. Then, Albuquerque's 2020 Poet Laureate, Mary Oishi, reminds us of the importance of our votes and why we exercise the hard-fought right to #vote through poetry! Keep up to date with our Election Facts and Community Calendar too!

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10.18.20- NMPIRG Civic Engagement Panel

Oct 26, 2020

SUN 10/18 7p: Generation Justice featured the 2020 Civic Engagement event hosted by NMPIRG. Get inspired by speakers Aaliyah Quintana, President of UNM Pre Law; Joe Starrs, Communication & Journalism Track Director of the Fund for American Studies; Mia Amin, ASUNM President; Rodney Bowe, Director of the Men of Color Initiative; Madeline Pukite, UNM Student & Writer for The Daily Lobo; and, Sean Floyd, CEO of Nomadic Solutions Political Consulting & Adjunct Professor at George Washington University!

Vote 2020 - Young Adult Panel on Voting in 2020

Oct 26, 2020

SUN 10/11 7p: Are youth engaging with the 2020 election? To answer this question and many more Generation held a panel discussion to find answers, and hear from youth and young adult voters. We heard from Austin Weahkee, Political Organizer for NAVA Education Project & NM Native Vote and Barbara Ramirez & Kyle Gonzales GJ Practicum participants. It’s all moderated by writer & GJ Alum, Luna Olavarria Gallegos! You won’t want to miss the messages these youth have to give!

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10.4.20- Healing New Mexico

Oct 9, 2020

SUN 10/4 7p: This week on Generation Justice, we spoke to Dr. Julie Zuniga and Maria Brazil from Kalpulli Izkalli and Medicine for the People, by the People all about their 10- Year Anniversary event celebrating traditional medicine.

 Then we heard from local artist and mental health therapist, Antonia Montoya, also known as “Alonerly”, about her new album, “Among”. Then we shared important voter deadlines and information for voting in New Mexico! Catch us live every Sunday @ 7:00pm on 89.9 FM

SUN 9/27 7p: This week on Generation Justice, we spoke to Megan McCormick, and Gaby Pineda from BTS New Mexico and learned more about what we can do to spread awareness about suicide prevention.  We also had an amazing panel with wonderful youth voices GJ’s very own Barbara Ramirez, Kyle Gonzales, Moderator Luna Olavarría Gallegos, and Austin Weahkee of NAVAEP and NMnativeVote about the importance of Youth Voting and Civic Engagement. Catch us live every Sunday @ 7:00pm on 89.9 FM 

Vote 2020 - NMPIRG New Voters Project

Oct 2, 2020

SUN 9/20 7p: This week on Generation Justice, we spoke to Andrew Schumann and Irene Andrews, members of NMPIRG UNM and freshmen at UNM, with the goal of increasing voter registration. They shared their upcoming Civic Engagement Event and their New Voters Project with our listeners.

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9.13.20- Voting & Census Information

Oct 2, 2020

SUN 9/13 7p: This week on Generation Justice, we learned all about voting and the 2020 Census! Secretary of State, Maggie Toulouse Oliver, identified misleading narratives about voting by mail and upcoming deadlines all New Mexican voters should know.

 Nichole Rogers, the founder of the Welstand Foundation and co-chair of the African American Complete Count Committee shared crucial information about the 2020 Census. Catch us live every Sunday @ 7:00pm on 89.9 FM 

9.6.20- Race, History, & Healing Project

Oct 2, 2020

SUN 9/6 7p: This week on Generation Justice, we spoke to Alicia Manzano, the Mayor's Liaison for Strategic Partnerships at the City of Albuquerque who spoke with us about the Race, History & Healing Project created after the removal of the Juan de Oñate statue at the Albuquerque Art Museum.

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8.30.20- Karuna Koppula: Voting Information

Oct 2, 2020

SUN 8/30 7p: This week on Generation Justice, we learned about efforts to ensure everyone's voice & vote is counted in the upcoming election. The Deputy Director for Program and Partnerships at the @voterparticipationcenter, Karuna Koppula, spoke with us about their work to mobilize voters in the Rising American Electorate.

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8.23.20 - Operation Legend Town hall

Sep 30, 2020

SUN 8/23 7p: This week on Generation Justice, we learned from “Operation Legend Town Hall.'' In this panel, we hear about the threat that Operation Legend poses to our rights and liberties, how it can impact our community, and the perspectives of legal advocates and community organizers regarding this federal operation.

SUN 8/16 7p: This week on Generation Justice, we heard from Brayan Moreno and Lavina Gray, two young artists from Moving arts Espanola, about their Census campaign and getting participation in Espanola and the Surrounding communities! And from Ahtza Dawn Chavez, Executive Director of NAVA Education Project about making Native voices heard in the 2020 Census. Ahtza gave us an insight as to the detrimental consequences of Native communities not participating. Tune in and Fill Out the Census!

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8/9/2020 ACLU & APS School Re-entry Plan

Sep 30, 2020

SUN 8/9 7p: This week on Generation Justice, we learned from Leon Howard, Legal Director for ACLU-NM about the effects of"Operation Legend" in New Mexico. We also heard from Yolanda Montoya-Cordova, The APS Board Secretary for Education on what parents and students of APS schools should expect when it comes to the reopening of schools this upcoming Fall semester!

DOWNLOAD ACLU-NM's Mobile Justice App to record police and border patrol incidents, file reports, witness incidents, and know their rights.

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SUN 8/2 7p: This week on Generation Justice, we spoke to Jim Harvey, the Executive Director of The Center for Peace and Justice, about the recent movement of Operation Legend into our community. We heard from Sarah Silva and her poem, “It was always going to be Customs & Border Protection.” Sarah is a community coach, faith based organizer, and trainer for people while working w/ anti-racism and advocacy tools for children and families.

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7/19/20 People are NOT Mascots & COVID-19 Update

Sep 30, 2020

SUN 7/19 7P: This week on Generation Justice, we learned about the new cases and developments regarding NM’s response to COVID-19 and the importance of the name and mascot change of the Washington NFL football team. We spoke to the Cabinet Secretary of the Human Services Department, Dr. David Scrase. We also spoke with Amanda Blackhorse, a certified Social Worker and a Dine’ advocate against Native American mascots.

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7/12/20 Native American Relief Fund & I Mask Up Campaign

Sep 11, 2020


SUN 7/12 7p: This week on Generation Justice we learned from the president and CEO of New Mexico Foundation, JoAnn Melchor, she spoke about the Native American Relief Fund.

Enrique Cardiel, the Executive Director of the Bernalillo County Community Health Council, spoke with us about the recent #IMaskUp campaign.

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7/5/20 Annie E. Casey Foundation: Juvenile Incarceration Reform

Sep 11, 2020

Sun 7/5 7p: This week on Generation Justice, GJ Apprentice Pilar Monfiletto spoke with Danielle Lipow from the Annie E Casey Foundation about Juvenile Incarceration and the initiatives to safely reduce the number of youth, particularly youth of color, in institutions.

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6/28/20 Bringing Down the Statues

Sep 11, 2020

SUN 6/28 7p: This week on Generation Justice, we learned from Aleta 'Tweety' Paisano-Suazo, a longtime and devoted community organizer from Acoma/Laguna Pueblos. She educates all listeners about the history of brutality that Juan de Oñate committed against Pueblo people.

6/21/20 Interview with Dr. Finnie Coleman

Sep 11, 2020

SUN 6/21 7P: This week on Generation Justice we shared an interview with the former director of African American studies at UNM, Dr. Finnie Coleman. We revisit this discussion now in 2020 has the Movement for Black Lives has continued to spark social uprising across the country.

This interview was conducted by longtime GJ member Joshua Horton in the Summer of 2016, which saw consecutive killings of Black people at the hands of the police. Catch us live every Sunday @ 7:00pm

6/14/20 Uplifting Black Voices & Juneteenth Updates

Sep 11, 2020

SUN 6/14 7P: This week on Generation Justice we spoke with community organizers Devont'e Kurt Watson and Arthur Bell about 2020 Juneteenth celebrations happening across the city. Long time GJ member Jonquilyn Hill shares a message in response to recent social uprisings and systemic racism in the U.S.

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6.7.20 Uplifting Black Voices from Our Community

Sep 11, 2020
Jakia Fuller


This week we dedicated our program to the voices of Black and African American GJ members and community leaders.

5/24/20 Voter Info & Honoring Ramadan

Sep 11, 2020

SUN 5/24 7p: This week on GJ we learned important voter information from Austin Weahkee, the Political Director for NM Native Vote.

This weekend marked the end of Ramadan and the start of Eid! We shared one of our favorite conversations with elder Sahibzada Muzaffar-Uddin, who talked about the meaning and importance of the holy month of Ramadan.

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5/17/20 Honoring 2020 Graduates

Sep 4, 2020

SUN 5/17 7p: This week on Generation Justice, we celebrate 2020 Graduates! from elementary all the way to Master’s levels.

Congratulations to Violet Hamilton, Gianna Ramirez, Zaid Zeyaee, Milian Cordova, Jaime Martinez Gibson, Jeremiah Hodgkins, Mikeah Merry, Kyle Gonzales, Shantel Alonzo, Jazlin Limas, and Cecilia Frescas. Catch us live every Sunday @ 7:00pm on 89.9 KUNM OR stream on! 

5/10/20 Mother's Day Over the Years

Sep 4, 2020

SUN 5/10 7p: In celebration of Mothers and Chosen Mothers, GJ shared some of the beautiful messages of love and gratitude from members collected over the years.

Tune in to hear messages from young people who celebrate all the ways that mothers and mother figures have shaped and blessed their lives.

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