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Folk music in the broadest sense of the term. Bluegrass, blues, cajun, zydeco, western swing, rockabilly, Tex-Mex, and more!

J.D. Sipe

Tuesday, 5/18, 9p Home of Happy Feet

This program explores the people, places and flavor of the blues music scene in Albuquerque, as told by leading Duke City blues musicians and former KUNM blues deejays. Often overlooked in the international blues world, Albuquerque has spawned a significant and uniquely New Mexican blues music community in recent decades.

Who Still Plays 78s?

May 8, 2021
Steven Emmons

Tue. 5/11 7p: As many of our DJs and volunteers are producing from home due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Bodie Russell, a KUNM student employee, took a closer look and listen at the Home of Happy Feet. In late 2020 and early 2021, Russell interviewed Karl Stalnaker and Harry Norton to get a better understanding of what is so unique about the show, its history, the importance of vinyl records, and what the deejays have been up to lately. This culmination is a one-hour radio documentary called “Who Still Plays 78s?” A Home of Happy Feet Special.

A Sad Farewell To One Of Our Own

Aug 17, 2018

Barry Cameron Lauesen passed away in Albuquerque, New Mexico on August 10, 2018. Barry was born June 25, 1947 in Los Angeles, California to Lowell Lee Lauesen and Jean Menzies Lauesen, daughter of Oscar-winning production designer and film director William Cameron Menzies. 


Tues. 5/4: This duo's musical collaboration draws from Irish, Scandinavian, American and early music to create a sound that is warm and uplifting.

Photo by Victoria Rogers.

This Thursday on All That Jazz, Host Mark Weber wishes a very happy birthday to cellist and regular Thursday jazz commentator Fred Katz, with a live in-house appearance by the Cal Haines "4th Friday" Trio.

Albuquerque native Bobby Shew spends his 69th birthday talking with host Mark Weber about all things trumpet.

Big birthday party for maestro Bobby Shew who was born this very day in Albuquerque back when Tingley was mayor (1941). I'm not sure we'll discuss surfing the Rio Grande but we will be discussing all things trumpet. Bobby Shew's illustrious career continues to take him around the world and into every dimension. His knowledge of trumpet is staggering. SO, that's what we'll talk about. Host Mark Weber.

This week, DJ Putnay keeps bringin' you the blues with some of the genre's more significant new releases. What will they be? Tune in and see.

This week, DJ Putnay keeps bringin' you the blues with some of the genre's more significant new releases. What will they be? Tune in and see.

Plus, guest Host Poppy Tooker tells us about Food and the Blues.

BSC is proud to dedicate an entire program this week to Mavis Staples, live from the Legendary Rhythm and Blues Cruise.

Born in 1940 in Chicago, most of Mavis Staples' career has been as lead singer for the legendary Staple Singers. Her otherworldly power comes instead from a masterful command of phrasing and a deep-seated sensuality expressed through timbre manipulation.