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Thurs. 6/23 at 8am: This week on the KUNM Call In Show, Albuquerque Police Chief Ray Schultz will answer your questions about APD's use of deadly force.

Impact of the Arizona Wildfires on New Mexico

Jun 2, 2011

Thurs. 6/9 at 8am: Smoke from the Arizona wildfires blankets New Mexico. We'll be discussing the impact on New Mexicans with meteorologists, state health officials, health care providers and fire managers.

Guests TBA

NPR Ombudsman Alicia Shepard

May 19, 2011

Thurs. 5/26 at 8am: NPR Ombudsman Alicia Shepard takes your questions on the KUNM Call In Show.

Call in your comments and questions at 277-KUNM or toll-free 1-877-899-5866. Email the show at callinshow@kunm.org.

A Conversation with New Mexico Teachers

Apr 9, 2011

Thurs. 4/14 at 8am: How are students doing? What challenges are they facing? How are teachers addressing students' needs? We'll be taking your calls and hearing stories from New Mexico classrooms.

Call in your comments and questions at 277-KUNM or toll-free 1-877-899-5866.


Barbara Peterson - 29 years at Valle Vista Elementary school, teaches reading intervention to small groups of students

Barney Fuller - math teacher, Eisenhower Middle School


Thurs. 1/13: There is concern among New Mexico environmentalist that the incoming Martinez administration is wasting no time acting on a campaign promise to roll back environmental regulations. One of these is the so-called pit rule, which requires oil drillers to use more efficient liners in open pits where waste from drilling is dumped. Another is removing the cap on greenhouse gas emissions. How far will the environmental rollbacks go?

Enrique C. Knell

Thurs. 12/23 - Join us one-on-one conversation and live radio town hall with Albuquerque Mayor Richard Berry.

We will be talking about his first year as mayor and his vision for the future of Albuquerque. Join the conversation this week on the KUNM call-in show. Thursday mornings at 8.

Guest: Mayor Rick Berry, Mayor Richard Berry Website


Thurs. 12/16: This week on the KUNM call-in show, a proposal by officials at New Mexico's Cannon air Force Base to stage low-altitude nighttime training flights over northern New Mexico is raising a number of questions yet to be answered by the Air Force. Call in your comments and questions at 277-KUNM.

The flights would involve Osprey aircraft, which are used as transports, to fly as low as 200 feet during a two-hour span, three times a day or nearly 700 flights a year. Join the conversation, Thursday mornings at 8 on the KUNM call-in show.

Thurs. 4/8: Literary prize winners Demetria Martinez, Luis Alberto Urea, and Gloria Zamora join us to talk about the upcoming National Latino Writers Conference at the National Hispanic Cultural Center.

In less than 8 years, the conference has become one of the most important writers conference in the country for aspiring Latino authors. Join us for a lively discussion with Latino authors this week on the KUNM call-in show Thursday morning at 8.


Thurs. 4/1: What's in the new health care bill, and how will it impact you as a taxpayer and consumer? Join the discussion with long-time public health professional and health care advocate Carol Miller.

The vote is over, but a key debate about the new health care bill remains. How will it affect the pocketbooks of Americans as taxpayers and as health care consumers, and will it change the runaway pace of US health spending? What's in the health care bill and how will it affect you? This week on the KUNM call-in show, Thursday morning at 8:00.


Thurs. 3/18: Three guests join us to discuss immigration and border issues with respect to human rights. Call in with your comments: 277-KUNM.

Isabel Garcia, the Pima County Defender based in Tucson, has been widely recognized for her work championing the human rights of immigrants. She will give an overview of the history of immigration, the militarization of the US Mexico border and talk about what New Mexico can learn from the Arizona experience.


Rachel LaZar, El Centro de Derechos Humanos

This week on the KUNM call-in show, we continue our 2010 Legislative Session coverage with a look at early childhood education.

This week on the KUNM call-in show, we continue our 2010 Legislative Session coverage with a look at early childhood education.

It's Children's Cabinet Days at the capitol this week, so the future of Pre-K education and the importance of investing early is up for

Are early childhood education services cost effective investments over the long term? We'll get some answers this week on the KUNM call-in show: Thursday morning at 8.