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Conn Hallinan on Syria, Tom Tresser on the Olympics

Tue. 3/13 8:30a: Journalistic access to the unfolding crisis in Syria is dangerous and sparse. But that hasn't kept Western officials from insisting that the situation is black and white, with the Syrian regime of Bashir al Assad the bad actor, and rebel Syrian militias the good guys. 

How accurate is that? We'll be joined by Conn Hallinan, former head of the journalism school at UC Santa Cruz and a columnist for Foreign Policy in Focus. 

Also on the show: Gearing up to host the Olympic Games means ribbon-cuttings at newly built venues and international media attention. It also means the redirection of public funds for private profit and the trashing of civil liberties.
What if there's more downside than up to being an "Olympic city"? We'll talk to Tom Tresser of No Games Chicago about that.